FAKA – Queenie

Queer duo, Faka, released the video of “Queenie” the other day (embedded above). I’m failing all my art criticism modules, so if you’re looking for an analysis of the video look elsewhere–this post isn’t about that. This post is instead about YouTube user cornerstone2012. Of all the homophobic comments Faka has received on their social media accounts, his (very hotep-y, very homoerotic) comment is the one that stood out for me because it reinforces the largely erroneous belief that homophobic men are secretly sexually attracted to other men. And the thing is, the comments date back to a period before Faka scaled — before the I-D documentary and the Versace runway performances. He either had to search for ‘Faka’ or, most probably, was watching gay-related videos and YouTube algorithms suggested a music video by Faka.

Anyways, wherever he is, I just hope he finds peace.