Moz July 2017

Around July last year my contract at that job that was slowly killing me but paid me decent enough to allow me to pay off all my debts and have a few bucks left to sustain myself while I tried to figure things out ended. I sold some of my furniture, gave some away and sent some to my parents’ house where I would be staying until this new storm passes — if it passes. To delay the inevitable feelings of failure I decided to take a trip to Mozambique. The plan was to visit coastal towns from the South to the North using public transport but that would’ve been a bit expensive and impractical logistically since it’s cumbersome travelling by public transport in Moz. I ended up deciding to visit Ilha de Moçambique and Quirimbas but ended up only visiting Ilha because on the day I was supposed to travel further north I caught a stomach bug and decided to fly back to South Africa (I also had to attend a friend’s funeral and continuing would have meant using money for my flight ticket and coming back by bus; I didn’t have enough strength to endure that again).

I wrote a short essay about travelling north by bus and took a few pics of during my stay at Ilha that I will be sharing on here in the next week or so.