2. [Redacted]

About five years ago I took a leap and started a relationship with someone who was already involved with someone else. A relationship with someone already attached is a perfect relationship for me since I am not very good with the emotional investment that comes with normal, healthy relationships. It was all bliss until I caught feelings, and the feelings were not reciprocated. Or at least that was what I thought initially, in hindsight the other party probably felt the same but was not ready to deal with what it meant for them to feel the same and to escape having to deal with this, the other party got married to someone else. I was devastated and I drank a little bit more and I took long drives to Seshego, long drives to Ga-Sekororo, long drives to eManzana to hook up with strangers I met on the internet. All that just to forget. But I couldn’t forget and before long I was back to that which drove me to drink and deposit so much carbon to the atmosphere. I guess I thought that with time the other party will finally be honest with their feelings. That never really happened.

This post was supposed to be about that relationship and the friendships that died while I was trying to sustain something that was destined to fail. This post was supposed to be about the women I’ve hurt these last few year while I was busy trying to figure it all out. The post was supposed to be about how me spending four years in distortion finally made me come to terms with my bisexuality. The ‘relationship’ finally ended early December 2016 and this post has been in my drafts folder for more than a month now. I can’t seem to be able to word it without outing people and ruining their lives. It’s 2017 and I’m trying to be a decent human being.

This post was was supposed to be about the relationship that almost ruined me but it’s about the random pics I took along the way instead.