Writing this feels weird. It feels strange doing this again, I have grown accustomed to not having an outlet to speak my mind. There were many instances where I had to resist the urge to come back, many instances where my journal just wasn’t enough. Although the things I write in my journal are similar to the things I have written here, writing in a public forum has a therapeutic effect that I can’t fully understand. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed pouring out my heart to an indifferent internet.

Exactly two years ago I made a hard decision to discontinue this blog. I never fully divulged the reasons here, I said I was at an age where I did not feel comfortable sharing, which was true. I wanted privacy and by privacy I didn’t mean I wanted to stop using these companies that sell our data to third parties. I meant privacy in a simple sense, I wanted to live my life without the burden of broadcasting it to friends and acquaintances. People tend to be snoopy and I was at a point in my life where, because of facebook and subsequently this blog, people knew a lot of things about me. I made a mistake of linking this blog to my facebook profile* and when people I knew in real life started saying things like “But on your blog you said…” I realised how uncomfortable I am with people I know IRL knowing the inner depths of my being. I might be an open person on this blog but I’m not an open person in real life. I feel uncomfortable discussing my personal life with my loved ones, I don’t know why but I don’t hesitate sharing things here, it’s strange.

It’s been two years and I am fairly certain that my loved ones have forgotten about this place. I can now speak freely with minimal self-censorship. I am back, sort of.

*Four months after discontinuing this blog I permanently deleted my facebook account, haven’t looked back ever since.


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  1. showing photo of you not to be afriad of is ok but ,it depends on what of what is good or so bad to do ..being naked all right to show for .don’t be ashamed of you rbody .

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