Walking on Pins: New York Housing Complexes via Google Maps

“If you ain’t never been to the ghetto, don’t ever come to the ghetto/ ‘Cause you wouldn’t understand the ghetto, so stay the fuck out of the ghetto,” said Treach on “Ghetto Bastard.” Even though Treach is from New Jersey, he knows how treacherous public housing can be. Housing complexes, or the projects as you might know them are an institution to New York. In the history of real estate in the city, they are the behemoths of architecture associated with the Rotten Apple as the places where people literally live on top of each other. These close quarters controlled by the New York City Housing Authority, is a system designed to provide adequate living at subsidized rates for mostly low income families. They may seem functional on the outside, but to those living in these high-rises they are a hopeless trap to thousands of blacks, and latinos dealing with poverty, violence, and drugs plaguing the place they call home. Yet the pressure of these obstacles hasn’t kept many down, specifically the dynasty of rappers who are oral historians of the projects. We know a few years back, the cats at UNKUT.com profiled the most notorious of housing complexes, but we’ve added a few facts and links to find your way there, if you were so brave.

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