Africans Against Appropriation: what’s (POC) people’s opinion on Die Antwoord?







not that it matters but I’m not a fan.

any reasons in particular or just not ur srot of music or?

Lots of homophobic riddled lyrics, throws the n word around too much, i believe they’ve been accused of blackface but not in the sense of…

Been saying that Die Antwoord are a load of shit. From glamourising poverty (which people Don’t choose), to fucking appropriating a culture.

Waddy and Yolandi aren’t critiquing shit. This is just one of their gimmicks over the years that have just stuck and they make white people’s panties wet and dicks hard at the expense of marginalised people and their culture.

got to admit, I did cringe at their nnew video where they glamorised poverty/working class

of course, if they were originally poor/from working class then it’s fine (personally)

Haven’t seen new video and have no intention of doing so, but their whole act is glamourising poverty. It didn’t start recently or anything.

And they have pretty racist tendencies – their song about circumcision was very offensive and reeked of white superiority attitudes over blackness and black culture.

It’s just sad and telling (of industry attitudes to black people & music) that of all the SA groups that make it to make it to international popularity, it’s the group that uses caricatures of black people in their look and music.

I was a fan of Max Normal and it’s frustrating seeing Waddy fall off like this is saddening.

Africans Against Appropriation: what’s (POC) people’s opinion on Die Antwoord?