Zimbabweans abducted in South Africa

Judge in South Africa says the government must investigate alleged atrocities committed by officials in Zimbabwe.

In recent years, many Zimbabweans have been abducted from South Africa and sent back to their country.

Those abductions, according to some, indicate clear cooperation between the South African secret services and the Zimbabwean government, trying to catch those who try to overthrow Mugabe back in 2007.

A high court judge in South Africa has given hope to some Zimbabweans, when he ruled that under international law, his country had a duty to investigate crimes against humanity committed by officials in Zimbabwe — even arresting them if they enter the country.

The government has appealed that decision.

As Zimbabwe prepares for another presidential election — some here worry tensions over narratives could foster more turmoil.

Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Zimbabwe.