the media typically doesn’t report enough positive news or truths about Africa. now with their “new africa” perspective, are they still missing the journalistic mark? click to hear what new york times writer and ghana resident, Ioannis Gatsiounis, has to say.

The Western world will never believe that Africa is rising, not until we are running tings, and we are starting to. Ioannis Gatsiounis is yet another Afro-pessimist writing things that are nothing new in that vein of rhetoric. Things are not all peachy, yes, but there is so much more happening on our continent, and we know it. It’s so funny, 30 years ago if you told Europe and America that they would be depending so heavily on China and the rest of Asia – or, God forbid, coming to China cap-in-hand for bailouts – they would have hardly believed it. In fact, you would have been laughed out of mainstream anything and had a big, fat red Communist mark left on you. And what’s happening today? The power bases of the world are changing very quickly, we’re on the precipice of it and they can still hardly believe it.

We should come to terms with the fact that the West has very little interest in a successful, independent Africa, and that’s why they continue to use the images of Africa that they do in their media. I live in China and CCTV has no shows that patronise Africa. Instead, we see documentaries of all kinds of amazing stuff happening in Africa – no snail trail nosed kids with flies on them. There is currently an encouraging conversation about China’s role in Africa and conversely, Africa’s role in China. See that reciprocration?

The days of Africa as a pauper are coming to an end, and with it, these types of articles that belittle the kind of progress that is being made on the continent.