AQUILOGY is dead, long live AQUILOGY

About five years ago, July 2007 to be exact, I opened a blogger account and I haven’t looked back since. I was finished with exams and I didn’t know how to properly spend the free time I now had in my hands, so I opened a blogger account. I had two blogs prior to this one, I had to delete them because I was revealing things about myself that I didn’t want the world, which is ironic considering how much I shared with the online community during the first year of this blog, but I digress. In September 2007 I created this blog and it was one of the best things I ever did. I have met (albeit, not in real life) some of the most wonderful people and have grown as a human being because of it.

Almost five years has passed and a lot of things have changed. I have grown older and wiser and I am not as comfortable with sharing as I once was. This is a personal blog and without the ability to share my personal life with an indifferent internet, I find myself struggling to write any post. Hell, 80% of the post I’ve dropped here since 2011 have been lame.  So I decided to discontinue this blog. It has been a fun ride and I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read, comment and share my blog posts. Special thanks to everyone who was there from the genesis, those who were with me when this blog went from obscurity to blowing up (mid 2008 to early 2009 when this blog used to get 500 hits per day) and sticking with me when google’s algorithms changed and I no longer had that search engine love (late 2009 when this blog went from 500 hits per day, to a modest 50, obscurity FTW!). Extra Special thanks to the following people: Dr. Laura for being one of my earliest readers and the smartest person I know (and still be humble about it lol), Lola gets for being one of my earliest commenters and being awesome, The late UBM, for believing in me when I didn’t, Rest in Peace and Goodenough Mashego, for being an inspiration.

Peace and blessings to all of you.


One thought on “AQUILOGY is dead, long live AQUILOGY

  1. Damn.

    I’m genuinely sad to hear you’re putting a full stop on this chapter. I’ve been a regular reader (although a first time poster) for about a year now. I came across a link to your blog from a different social media outpost.

    The afternoon I clicked the link to your blog I spent a good 2 or so hours reading through the blog’s archives. Like a nut, I didn’t (and couldn’t) remove myself from it until I had read every last post. There were two main reasons for this. Firstly, your incredibly candid and unapologetically honest account of your battle with depression, alcoholism and just the general pitfalls, complexities and occasional joys of this life shit. I can honestly say I had never encountered such a degree of self insight and emotional awareness and emotional intelligence in a young man, a young black South African man at that.

    Secondly, and maybe most figural was just how closely aligned I found our self narratives to be. At the time of finding this blog, I was hot off the back of break down struggling with the ever changing names of my medications, conditions and afflictions. And through all of that I was struggling to find my feet and bearings in this new post-diagnosis existence that had seen my considerable social circle warp and shrink into a shadow of its former self. As someone who isn’t able to wear my heart on my sleeve and show my vulnerabilities and insecurities to the world I have found your ability to bare your soul, ‘warts and all’, so brave and inspiring. In short, thank you for inspiring, comforting and even humoring us with your words. Your blog has been a joy.

    I hope you continue writing and sharing in whatever capacity (private or otherwise) you’re able to.

    I appreciate that you feel you have reached the end with it but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for this to just be a hiatus. A brief hiatus. Not that Def Jux aint-never-actually-coming-back kind of hiatus.

    Peace mfana.

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