Things I learned this year.

Get your learn on, Negro!
  • You can never really recover from an episode of mental illness, your existence will forever be trapped in a state where you scrutinize every moment in your life just to make sure that you aren’t having another episode.
  • There’s nothing black people can do to combat the racist perceptions white people have of them. If  white folks really want free themselves to the default situation we all find ourselves in i.e white supremacy, they must educate themselves by going to the library (or online, book piracy is the new music piracy) and reading leading anti-racist writers like Biko, Fanon, Du Bois etc. They must also actively try deconstruct the racist systems that are actively keeping people of a lesser hue perpetually disadvantaged. Everything else is a cop-out.
  • Everybody secretly hates AQUILOGY.
  • Having lived my whole life preferring my own company, I will probably die a loner and I am totally at peace with that.
  • Alcohol is a helluva drug!
  • I am not as pure and innocent as I once thought I was and it’s a shame that I had to drive 600 kilometres away from home to figure that obvious fact out.
  • There comes a time in your life when you realize that people who you thought were your friends will probably abandon you and move on, settle down, leaving you with a shameful title of being the oldest guy in the club looking for a girl to settle down with.
  • Growing up is still overrated. One of the biggest reasons your former associates don’t fux with you no more is because being around you makes them realize how much fun they would’ve had if they had stubbornly held on to their childhood like you did.
  • I will eternally be attracted to women with unresolved emotional issues.
  • Confirmation bias aside, The Venda myth is probably true. Pause.
  • One day people will realize how special I am but then, I’ll either be dead or crazy and it will be too late for them to suck my specialness out of me. I know specialness is not a real word so fux all of you for trying to be my English teacher……….wait ‘specialness‘ is a word so fux you even more suckers!
  • I will probably die broke and when that happens, cut off my organs, sell them at the black market and leave some inheritance for my progeny.
  • Kaizer Chiefs is DEAD, long live Moroka Swallows!
  • This blog is DEAD.
  • I love my moms. No really.
  • I love my dad, even though we have some unresolved issues to sort out.
  • I love my sister. I only realized now the numerous amount of things she sacrificed so that I can be successful, even though I’m too busy involved with my own bullshit to be considered successful by today’s asinine standards.
  • 17 years ago, my little brother lebogang passed away. I was nine years old when that happened. I only realized it this year how much that affected me. I never actually got over his death, I don’t think I’ll ever will. I have been obsessed with death ever since and can’t seem to get over the fact that I could’ve been a big brother.
  • therapy (no matter how whack it was) helped me sort out most of my issues and now it’s up to me to sort out the residual psychological stumbling blocks that keep me from being great.
  • One day I’ll fall in love, genuinely.
  • I’m not a bad person, once people get to know me.
  • I love people, regardless of my loner mentality.
  • De la Soul is the greatest.
  • Nostalgia is a helluva drug!