Music Break: Fans expectations edition

In 2007 Rapper, Blu together with producer, Exile released an album that many considered classic. In “Below the heavens” Blu successfully covered topics and concepts that some considered mature for someone his age (he was 23 when he recorded the LP) and because the album had a somewhat rap purist streak in it, it attracted the worst kind of fans a young MC can get, “Backpackers”. Ever since then, everything Blu has done has been scowled at by his fans. Which I find ridiculous considering the fact that Blu’s one of the most forward thinking and most creative MC. It’s a shame that his fans can’t appreciate his creativity and “don’t a flying fux” approach to music.

The track above is take from the LP, “No York“, the album that features some of the most futuristic and mind bending beats you will ever hear and was met with the usual “Make another ‘Below the heavens'” response from his fans. Madlib provides the beat.

Meshell Ndegeocello is one of the most underrated musicians of all time. She has experimented with diverse genres and pulled it off every single time. Unlike Blu, she has the most amazing fans, who let her be as creative as she wants to. They understand that during her 19 year old career, she has not released an album that sound the same to her previous releases and the ingest whatever she releases with appreciation.

The above track is taken from her 2003 classic, “Comfort Woman” and features a haunting solo from guitarist Doyle Bramhall II. Enjoy.