Random things on my head

  • It amazes me how, after years of failed attempts, my friends still think it’s appropriate to try to fix me up. They must be either really optimistic or really stupid to think that after the mess up their previous attempts caused in our crew, doing the same thing again would yield different results. They’re not even subtle about it anymore, they invite me and another single lady for the weekend and expect us to hit it off. What’s even more funny is, all the women I’ve dated are radically different from the ones they try to fix me up with. I mean, if you’re going to try to fix someone up, make sure you know what taste they have women. 
  • I think being a party animal at a ridiculously young age has damaged me somewhat. I have not reached thirty and yet I feel as though I’m too old to party. Nowadays I have to literally drag myself out of the house in order to attend the numerous functions I’m invited to. Although I usually enjoy myself at these functions, I no longer as excited about them as I used to be. I think it’s time I get married and live out the rest of my life as a boring family man.
  • Speaking of being a family, is it weird for a man to feel broody? Nowadays I find my self having an insatiable desire to procreate, which is weird considering how much I hate kids. 
  • Sometimes “working it out” doesn’t work out as good as it should. Sometimes it’s better to let people you used to fux with stay banished. What’s the point of trying to repair what has been lost. Chances are there’s a good reason you decided to lose that thing in the first place.
  • In less than eighty days I have to attend my drunk driving case, everybody is telling to relax, that everything will be okay. I, on the other, fear for the worst. The thought of going to prison scares me.