Random Thoughts

– Stability is weird. This is the first time in my life that three months have passed without any crisis occurring. No feelings of self-doubt, no floods of depressive thoughts, no ex-girlfriends begging me to give them a baby. Nothing, and it feels weird. I am so used to having something or someone to struggle against that I find the situation I am currently in utterly boring. I am happy, my mental health splendid but I am bored. Maybe I should just fuck up in a major way, like I usually did, to bring some excitement to my life.

– For the past two years I have been postponing finishing my Engineering degree, in 2010 I was too broke and depressed to tackle studying. Last year I was recovering from the brain implosion that occurred late 2010. I knew that I could not afford to go back to studying full-time and since the University of Johannesburg stopped its part-time B Tech programme ( effectively shutting out people like me who won’t risk quitting their jobs to study considering the hustle they had to do to get employed), I decided to do it via correspondence with UNISA. I have to say UNISA is frustrating, initially I thought my application was unsuccessful ’cause I got no feedback from them and the countless e-mails I sent them were ignored but it turns out I’ve been accepted. I got an acceptance letter from them earlier this week (they inexplicably neglected to send me a registration pack) so I decided to utilize their online registration facilities, everything went well until I after I paid the minimum registration fee, turns out I have outstanding documents that I have to submit before Monday or else my registration cannot be processed considering the fact that I can’t leave site without the white people there exposing their racial micro-aggressions, I might be fucked. Yay!