Trying to stay alive in a dead town


One of the popular search keys that lead to my blog is ‘Is Kriel, Mpumalanga a shitty town?’ and as much as try to keep a positive outlook about spending most of my days in a small farming town, I can’t help but agree with the people putting an asinine question like ‘Is Kriel, Mpumalanga a shitty town?’ into their search bar. This town does take shitty to extremely high levels.

The fact that this town is dead is an undeniable fact, it can’t help it. It takes two minutes to drive from one end to the other, it’s located in the middle of nowhere and about two thirds of it’s residence aren’t from around here. Their only here to make money by raping the earth of it’s minerals and polluting the skies in order to illuminate half of the Transvaal. The general dead vibes of this place I can deal with, it’s the small and subtle things that get on my nerves. The fact that the municipality can afford to place overzealous traffic officers who seem to be on a mission to hand out R1000+ traffic fines like it’s going out of style at every corner but can’t come up with a plan to fix the rapidly deteriorating roads. The fact that water is cut off haphazardly for weeks on end. The overpriced alcohol at shebeens. The fact that there’s no bookshop or library. The rural people trying to act cool. etc etc. It’s enough to make a sane man go berserk. Thankfully though, I’m drinking again and every place can be frreaking utopia when I’m tipsy.