Couldn’t think of an appropriate title

I have nothing to say. Nothing. Life has been extremely monotonous, and as a results I have nothing to write about. The only interesting things happen in my mind, and my mind is too fuxed the fuxed up to be displayed on a blog. I am drinking again, and I feel no shame. my experience with sobriety made me realize just how overrated not drinking is. I wonder why teetotallers like to make it seem like sobriety is such an outstanding achievement. On the plus side, I have cut down my consumption tremendously and as a results, I can now afford to buy books, Malcolm Gladwell FTW! I am battling feelings of guilt. This summer I fucked up, like in an epic sorta way and I hurt a couple of innocent people in the process. I didn’t mean to though, I was embracing the hedonistic spirit that comes with spending the summer at that place in the sub-tropics where it’s socially acceptable to take a bath in the river in full view of everybody. I just wanted to have fun but my pleasure became someone’s pain. I am +500 KM away and there’s nothing I can do to remedy the situation, all I can do is hope that I get forgiven. I keep messing up. I would say it is part of growing up but I’m a grown ass man and I am too old for this shit. I need to do better!