Giving up the bottle…….. again

ImageJust because I failed countless times doesn’t mean I have to give up, right? I’m old enough to know that alcohol is no longer good for me, if I continue drinking the way I’m drinking, I’ll probably die before I reach sixty. I’m also old enough to understand that without alcohol, I’d be three times more anti-social than I already am. I would have quit about two years ago when my body developed such a resistance that I needed to drink at least ten dumpies to get me a little tipsy but each time I quit I got invited to a party where I would get annoyed by the drunken mess that goes on there. And the only effective way of dealing with drunken mess is to down a bottle or two, as opposed to hitting the drunken fools with a bottle or two.

During my fakecation in Venda, I obviously did a lot of drinking and one thing I noticed is that, I no longer get a kick from alcohol. Nothing, no matter how many bottles of beer I guzzled down. It was like the alcohol went from gut straight to my bladder without making a detour to my brain, it was weird and it scared the shit out of me. I remember during the last week of the previous year when we decided to test fate by driving on a muddy incline to see the famous lake fundudzi, I bought a bottle of KWV 5 year old, to keep me busy along the way. By the time we reached the shore of Lake Fundudzi, I realized that I had drank about 3/4ths of the bottle and I still felt normal. It scared the shit out of me.

So here I am again , telling the world that I’m quitting alcohol. I have said it countless times that everybody is tired of hearing it. And so am I. I’m not totally sure if I’ll be able do it, but I’m going to try. Even if I fail, I’m gonna try again until I finally get rid of this eleven year old habit.