Oil leaks, Road trips and dead batteries

Last week my car had a serious oil leak, I was doubting that I would make it 550km to a place that helped pull me out of my dark abyss. I’m clueless about car mechanics and it wasn’t until recently when my car started acting like a little brat that I started learning basic car mechanics. At any rate, to cut a long story short, I took my car to a “reputable” mechanic to have the oil leak fixed. It was leaking from the crank and shaft seals, and it cost an arm and a leg to fix, but the leak was still there. I took the car back to the mechanic, where a new leak source was found. The mechanic wanted to charge me extra for it so I told him to stuff off.

Against better judgement, I decided to drive to Venda with an oil leak, about 555KM away from home. My colleague was joining me for the trip (I needed someone to pay for the toll fees and be of assistance in case my moody car starts acting up in the middle of the highway). The car surprisingly drove pretty well, we stopped every 150 – 200 KM to check the oil levels. After six gruelling hours, we finally reached Louis Trichardt (My colleague’s destination) so I dropped him off and went on my way. I still had another 100 KM to cover, but with God’s grace, my car made it. That was two days ago.

Yesterday my Fakecation started, we drove around, visited tons of places. It was all gravy, until at about midnight when the car radio started switching off and the headlights started dimming. I switched off the engine, tried switching it on again but I just couldn’t. I was afraid I might have blown up the engine because I was not checking the oil levels so I checked the oil level, it was low. I poured some oil in and something told me to check the battery. I did and it turned out that my battery was almost dead. We pushed started the vehicle and parked it at about 01h30 this morning. Right now I am frantically reading through auto-mechanic forums online. From my limited knowledge of car engines and the stuff I read online, it turns out that my alternator might be giving me problems. It might not be charging the battery. Which sucks ass because it’s more complicated to fix this than a normal dead battery. I’m tired of my car, whenever there’s problems it’s never something that is easy to fix, it always has to be something complicated. At first it was bad electrical connections, then my cam belt snapped, then the oil leak at the seal instead of the sump (which meant the whole top had to be disassembled to replace the seal) and now it looks like my alternator might be stuffed. I think it must be time to sell my car. Buying it was an expensive mistake.