I’m Back

And so is Summer, for those fortunate enough to live south of the equator. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to write more posts, I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that work politics are sucking the creativity out of my soul, but I can never really be too sure. It’s the first of December. Usually I get very excited around this time because it’s the time where I can go crazy and not feel awkward after the alcohol fueled madness dies down, but I decided to take it easy this December. I just want to chill and reflect on the awesome year I’ve had. So far my plan to avoid people has worked, I already turned down six invites to parties the only party I’ll go to is my Friend’s House warming party. I’m excited because I only have to endure fifteen days before construction closes, only fifteen days to avoid getting fired. I was planning on taking a road trip to Maputo but I didn’t have time to sort out my passport (and finances), so it looks like I’ll be either home or Venda for the holidays. Which isn’t that bad, at least I’ll save. Anyhoo, just wanted to update whatever’s left of my readership my shenanigans or lack thereof.