I think I drink too much

Well, I know I drink too much and it’s not because I drink more than the average human being, it’s simple biology. I started drinking eleven years ago, and by “started drinking”, I don’t mean I was stealing my uncle’s spirit coolers, I mean really drinking. Those who went to high school with me know that by the time I was seventeen I was drinking like a bottle of 750ml brandy per week, it’s a miracle that I managed to pass grade 12 considering the fact that I wrote one exam paper drunk and the other hungover. Everyone close to me knows that my relationship with alcohol was tainted from the get go. It’s a complicated relationship. I tried quitting booze numerous times, like really quitting but I failed each time. The most I’ve gone without touching firewater is like two months, I’m man enough to admit that I’m not man enough to quit alcohol. The best I can do is cut down on the amount I consume each week. I consume about like twice the amount a normal person would consume. Not because I’m a drunkard, mind you, but because I started abusing my liver at a very young age and my body has adapted to being bombarded with large amount of ethanol and as a result the amount of booze I consume per drinking session would send a normal human being to ICU for alcohol poisoning. With that being said, I admit that I have a problem. This year alone I’ve had two near death experiences because of alcohol (and no, I’m older and wiser now, the said experiences will not be recounted on this here blog) and I’ve gotten over my suicidal phase, I don’t want to die now and as much as I hate saying this, alcohol abuse will kill me prematurely in the long run. I’m trying to cut my consumption to about a quarter, It’s an impossible feat, I know but in a year where I’ve been able to pull miraculous things out of my ass, I might just pull it off. Plus, people who only drink in the festive season annoy me, I’ll be looking forward to spitting them just to let them know how pathetic I think they actually are.