It’s November. Another year has passed by without anyone noticing. Over-achievers are now panicking over the fact that they have about sixty days to complete the endless list of goals they’ve set out for themselves at the commencement of the year. Under achievers are panicking over the fact that they have only sixty one days to achieve that single goal they’ve set out for themselves, the rest of us are just waiting in anticipation for the period where hedonism is not frowned upon by society.

I, on the other hand, was looking forward to taking a month long break from blogging, to tackle more ambitious writing projects but things are so hectic at work that I have no other choice but to use this platform as my outlet for repressed rage against social inequality. That short story and the freelancing gigs I was working on will have to wait ’til construction recess between December 15 and January 3rd, in the interim, I plan to not get fired or offend anyone by doing absolutely nothing. Hope the remainder of 2011 treats me and everybody good.