No fraternizing with the subordinates!

“AQUILOGY, don’t get used to the general workers, they are your subordinates.”

That is what I was told by a well meaning person sometime this week.
Way back in the days, I told myself to treat everybody the same and not get blinded by man made labels like Educated, Black, Female, Cleaner, Manager, Rich, Poor etc. Regardless of one’s so called status, I treat everyone with respect by default. I am like that at work, when I got here, I greeted everyone, I spoke to anyone who wanted to have a conversation, regardless of whether they are a cleaner or a Civil Engineer. I spend most of my time supervising general workers and semi-skilled workers and as a results, I have gotten used to them. I have noticed something at work though, class is enforced, the colour of one’s hardhat is an indication of the type of work a person does, general workers wear a certain colour, people in higher positions wear a certain colour. General workers aren’t allowed to wear reflector vest etc. and as a results, people in management positions hardly ever speak to general workers, with the exception of female workers getting it on with their superiors for a promotion. I, on the other hand, spend most of the time speaking and joking with the general workers and because of this one of my colleagues pulled me over to “tip” me on how things work around here. Apparently spending time with my subordinates is not a good look for me, I should spend less time with them and more with the Engineers, Safety officers, Environmental officers, etc. I just might lose everyone’s respect, the workers included, just because I choose not to see workplace class. I find the whole thing ridiculous.


One thought on “No fraternizing with the subordinates!

  1. That is just wak.

    I remember hearing a story about Nelson Mandela, that happened some time soonish after he was released from prison. Some fancy people organised a dinner for him, I can’t remember who, but important people. Then before he arrived people lined up to shake his hand, and they let the kitchen staff and the waiters and so on line up on the other side, to meet him too. And apparently when he walked in, he saw the two lines of people and went over to the kitchen staff and greeted them all properly first, then on to the dinner attendees.

    If someone else had done something like that it might be a bit gimmiky, but for him, he just had proper priorities.

    Anyway, go you rejecting all of that jazz. People are ridiculous sometimes.

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