The hermitization of AQUILOGY commences

My DUI case got postponed ’til May next year. I’m seven months from getting a criminal record. This sucks but I deserve it. I’m just paying for my stupidity. Drinking and driving is a bad thing to do, I know this, but I guess I am not as smart as everybody think I am ’cause the last four months, I have been involved in one screw up after another. Most screw ups almost entirely involve alcohol. Logic tells me to quit, but I’ve tried that several times and I failed so I’m not brave enough to try that again. What I have been planning on doing is being a hermit this festive season, avoid all social functions and most people. From November ’til January, I’ll be keeping a low profile, thinking about my life, reading, writing and getting closure. This blog is linked to my facebook profile, so I know most of the people I fux with will read this and they shall be aware that I’ll be intentionally avoiding them this festive. Hope they understand.