On How I got ripped off by Inspecta Car Springs II

Inspecta car is a fast growing used car franchise that claims to be borne out of a vision to uplift and professionalise the used car market, considering the ordeal that I had with the car I purchased, I find the statement to be utter bullshit. I called them this Tuesday to inquire about the progress of my car’s repairs, it turns out that the car had a failure on a totally different part than the last time. The last time my engine died it was because one of the sensors snapped off, now it turns out the engine’s cam belt snapped off and the oil sump needs replacing. What I deduce from all this is, they knowingly sold me a defective car (two major breakdowns on a car I bought in late August would never happen on a car in good condition). I wanted to call their franchise manager and complain but my mother asked her lawyer friends to take over from me. The new repairs are/were going to cost me R7000 and the lawyers want them to fix them at no cost, since it’s the law but now I suspect that they are holding my car hostage, they were supposed to be finished with by car yesterday. I suspect that they are going to go slowly just to spite us for knowing our consumer rights.

Update: 10/10/11

Remember when I said that these hopeless guys will drag their feet once they find out that I they’ll have to do the repairs at their own cost? Well, a week after they collected my car, it is still at their workshop and I am still hitching rides on site. I called them today and they gave me more stories, they’ll deliver it tomorrow but after they allegedly knowingly sold me a defective car, they word means shit.

Update: 11/10/11

The vehicle was finally delivered, so far so good.