Who let the dogs out?

My last official day in johannesburg/ first official day in Kriel has been terrible. One of those bad days where one misfortune occurs right after the other. I was still angry about my car dying on me yesterday so maybe the negative vibes attracted more negative shit or whatever, I don’t know. All I know is that I left home earlier because public transportation outside johannesburg sucks balls and I didn’t want to find myself lost at night in a place I am not familiar with. When I got to the cbd to catch a taxi to Witbank some bum pickpocketed me and snatched my mp3 player, I was livid but I couldn’t do anything about at the time. So I kept walking to the long distance taxi rank. I boarded a taxi to Witbank and the driver drove so quick that I reached there at 3 PM. I knew that there was nobody at my new place of residence. So I didn’t catch the connecting taxi to Kriel, I waited about two hours and I left at 5 PM. I reached here at five thirty but like I said, the people I stay with get here at about seven thirty. So here I am, standing at the gate like a madman,  typing a blog post about how bad this day has been. Getting wet ’cause It’s raining, while the dogs that the lovely white folks who stay around here let out as soon as they saw my black face incessantly bark at me. The universe still has a grudge against me. I haven’t said this in a while because the last few months have been pure bliss but, fuck my life.