On how I got ripped off by Inspecta Car Springs

me left; inspecta car springs; right.

About a month ago I bought a car from a dealership in springs. The work that I do requires a motor vehicle to transport you to different sites that are allocated to you. I would have loved to have waited til I could afford a less beat up car but I had no option but to purchase a cheap one, I needed wheels ASAP. I had an option of buying a cheaper car from a private seller but my paranoia got the better of me so I ended up spending more by buying one at a used car dealership instead. I thought car dealerships would be more trustworthy than a private seller, I was dead wrong. It turns out they are just as shady, if not more.

I did everything I was told to do by internet experts, I test drove the vehicle,checked the engine, etc. Once I was happy with everything, I purchased the vehicle and drove it home. The vehicle didn’t give me any problems until about three weeks after purchase. It lost engine power when going uphill and the engine management light stayed on. I tried taking it to the mechanic to get the error codes read but two blocks away from home, it just switched off. I called the dealership and after giving me the run around, they finally decided to come collect the vehicle. That was two weeks ago. They re-installed the engine’s electronics and replaced two injectors but instead of doing that for free like they were supposed to (The car was under a thirty day warranty), they accused me of tempering with the engine. I ended up paying half the repair costs, about two thousand rands.

The car was delivered this Tuesday, I didn’t drive it because I was attending a course and it was cheaper to use public transportation. Today I decided to drive it around, to familiarize myself with driving since I am supposed to leave for Kriel, Mpumalanga tomorrow. The car drove well until I reached home when it decided to just switch off. Now it doesn’t want to start. I tried calling the dealership but it’s a Saturday and they are closed. I’m stressing out now because I really need it, I have to go to work with it tomorrow and I can’t do my job without it. Inspectar Car Springs sold me a defective car and they are fucking with my livelihood. The car has been in my possession for six weeks, two of those weeks, it has been in repairs. This is kak.


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