Random sh!t on my mind

– I am torn between two equally immoral options. I have gone through life without willingly doing anything that I know was wrong and consequently contributes to the decay of society or at least I have tried. I have been what people call “a model citizen”. As you all know, I have been attempting to get my driver’s license for the last two or so months and so far, I have been failing. Since I have like, myriads of friends who care about me lol, they heard about my struggles with the licensing department and they pointed me in the right direction. And by that I mean, they are trying to convince me to abandon my values and get the license through the back door. I have two options, to take the test and if I pass the yard test, I get my license, regardless of what happens on the road. The second option is even more nefarious, I don’t have to take the test, I just pop up at the testing station, take fingerprints and voila, I become a licensed driver. Both these options are illegal and wrong but my boss, who has been patient with me for the past three months, is getting tired of me failing. I have a site that I am supposed to supervise but because I don’t have a license, my boss can’t send me there. All this pressure is tempting me to quit this quixotic bullshit and do like everybody else, get the license via the back door but I was raised better and I don’t think I have the dark heart to do that.

– I recently rejoined facebook, I don’t know why, I was bored and I guess and all the issues that caused me to abandon it the first time have been sorted, well sort off. And also, I couldn’t get my facebook contacts to migrate to google+. I’m limiting the time I’m spending on it and extra-careful about who add as a friend. I’ll see how it all turns out.

– I can’t seem to shake the feeling that my dog Spike, who’s been with us for the past twelve years, might die soon. My dog has always been a hyperactive dog, it’s Cardigan Welsh Corgi  a very active breed. It used to be alert, and would bark every time someone came to the yard, it used to be able to jump to heights of about a metre and a half but now old age has finally caught up with it, it’s almost deaf, it has arthritis and struggles to jump onto the bed. it walks with a limp and sometimes it doesn’t recognize anyone. My mother is afraid of taking it to the vet because she thinks because it’s so old, they might ask her to put it down (a very nice way of saying, give it the lethal injection). I have a feeling I only have a few  months to spend with it, I must utilize this time well.