Trends: Busi Mhlongo Remixes

Here’s an interesting fact: South Africa is the biggest House music market. House Music is so big here that international house DJ’s always love coming here to do shows. We just love and support house music. It’s been like that ever since DJ Fresh released Fresh House Flava vol 1 and subsequently killed any chance Kwaito had of being the youth’s preferred party music of choice. The thing is for a long ass time, House DJ’s were sleeping. They kept compiling international house tracks and releasing them as summer mixes, nobody bothered to take advantage of the fact that, since we have the biggest house market, we can release our own tracks instead of giving these international suckers shine. It was only recently that House DJ’s (Who’s name isn’t Oskido) started composing their own tracks.

Fast forward to years later (2009 to be exact), a young man by the name of Culo De Song released possibly the most enchanting house track of all time (OF ALL TIME). The way it samples Busi Mhlong’s “Webaba” was just brilliant. The song ended up being huge in the summer of ’09.

A few months later, Infinite Boys released a deep house version of the track and the results were just as magical.

Now there’s another track which has been blowing up across the dance floors these past several months, it also samples Busi Mhlongo. It’s called Izizwe and I have no clue who composed it.

I don’t know what to make of this trend, I guess it’s good because it means a whole new generation of Knuckleheads get to experience Busi Mhlongo’s haunting vocals. Maybe Busi Mhlongo might end up being to South African House music what James brown is to Hip Hop.