Death of a crew

RIP (2005 – 2011)

More than a year ago, I touched on the fact my alcohol resistant posse was in it’s dying stages and I can now safely conclude that, the beer loving crew is dead. Realistically speaking, we all knew this moment would come but we all hoped that we would stay together forever. But that’s not how life is, unfortunately. People grow up, and value different things and that is what happened to the crew.

The crew started way before 2005 but I started hanging out with them that year, without revealing too much about myself (Even though I have been praised about keeping this blog real, there ared myriads of personal things that I keep away from the iNTERNETS), I had managed to get myself out of the self-destructive habits that I acquired during my two final year of high school. My drinking was finally out of control and I was no longer straining my mother’s already ailing heart. I needed to hang around like minded people and the beer loving were the type of people who loved to party but hated Winehousing (The stuff Amy winehouse was notorious for). It started as just the four (and occasionally five or six) of us hanging out with each other over weekends. Organizing parties now and then, and having our annual picnic during the last week of November when most of us were finished with exams. Along the years the crew started growing, and in 2009, we were like twenty or so in the crew and every other weekend we would be having a braai (BBQ for those who aren’t familiar).

Unforeseen circumstances caused the crew to stop having parties every weekend and in 2010 the signs that the beautiful thing that we had was coming to a conclusion started to manifest. Whenever we were together things didn’t feel natural. It was like we would be there out of obligation instead of just being there to enjoy each others’ company. We knew that the era was over but we kept forcing things. We could have called it quits that year and the only thing that kept us together was the fact that two of the members of the crew were getting married.

Last year we had our annual picnic and I have to say, it was the saddest day ever. We could all see that it was done, and all we could do was to try to enjoy the moment and pretend that everything was the same but it wasn’t, we were older, some had wives others had moved away from Soweto, and so on and so forth. It was no longer the same.

Most of my good memories involve the time spend with the crew which is why it’s inevitable death doesn’t sadden me at all. What we had was beautiful but like all good things, it has to come to an end. It’s time for all of us to move on and concentrate on our dreams, our families or whatever shit we are supposed to be doing now that we have outgrown the crazy things we used to get up to. The younger members of our crew don’t want to let go though, but they have to ’cause the ship has left the bay.