The learner driver strikes again

L for Learner or loser?
A kid has to fall a number of times before he learns how to walk properly. That’s what I keep telling myself to get over the fact that, after only a week in my possession, my car has had a flat Tyre, I got caught by the cops driving without a license and today, on a good Sunday, I got involved in a minor accident. It was nothing serious. We were at an intersection and I tried to avoid a pothole but ended up bumping this other guy’s car from the side. We were both wrong, I had right of way but my car stalled and he decided to make cut me off and make a right turn, I had already started my car and was entering the intersection. Everything after that is a blur, all I remember was bumping his car and breaking my left head light. He came out of his car being all aggressive and shit  But my  but since I hate meaningless arguments, I ended up paying him R280, just so he can shut the hell up. And now my budget is way fucked the fuck up. le sigh.

Thankfully though, the damage to my car was minimal, it only has a minor scratch and a broken head light. This is Johannesburg after all, where only a few drive like sane people and the speed limit sign is treated like a decoration. It was inevitable that I would be involved in some sort of road fux up. My friend joked that all new drivers bump their cars eventually, that is how they are initiated here. Next time I just have to be extra careful. Or and by the way, my driving has improved dramatically. Which is weird ’cause I thought that bad driving was in my genes. Hopefully, I’ll keep gaining this momentum ’til my driver’s license test, next Tuesday.


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