Money’s too tight to mention

I remember a few years ago when I quixotically made a promise to myself to never get into debt. Besides my student loan, I actively avoided getting into debt. I used to save ’til I got enough money to buy what I wanted, refused to buy anything on credit. I figured a long time ago that debt is one of the mechanisms that the system we live in employs to get everybody to trade-in their dreams for a job. I wanted the freedom to pursue my artistic dreams once I have enough confidence in my artistic vision. Debt would’ve only extended the years I would have to spend in the good paying (once your grey hair starts to show, unless you were smart enough to get into the mining industry) but highly monotonous world of Engineering. But alas, I couldn’t avoid the debt monster for long. I had to make a huge purchase asap, saving would have taken too long, so I took out a loan. Coupled with my student loan repayments and the money I owe several people who helped me out during my eighteen month stint of irregular repayments, I no longer have the option of enjoying the fruits of my labour. By the time I get my salary, I’ve already spend half. I guess that’s the price of growing up.