Charlie Sheenisms

Here’s the thing, my driver’s license test is this Wednesday, I still drive like a madman and for some odd reason, I’m not freaking out. This post was initially going to be about my test coming up but, the not freaking out part is such an anomaly that I had to write about it. I’m a tad bit neurotic, or at least I was for half of my life but recently though, since my mental breakdown, I have been behaving like I smoke weed or something. I went from being the type of person that stresses over everything, to a person that stresses over absolutely nothing in a space of just a few months (duh, #winning). People are starting to complain about me, I’m starting to sound like a hippie, whenever things don’t go my way, I just shrug shit off and take them off my mind, it’s awesome. Maybe my mental health issues have been a blessing in disguise, not only have they helped me lose weight, I’m now a level-headed person as well. I now understand how Charlie Sheen must’ve felt back in the earlier this year and why he was acting all crazy when his whole world seemed to fall apart. There’s something inexplicably liberating about hitting rock-bottom and surviving it. Most of y’all reading this won’t get it, I don’t expect you to.


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  1. ^^^ Thanks, there’s a huge possibility that I might fail during my first attempt, it seems to be the norm plus, I had my first lesson a month and a half ago. Thankfully though, if you fail, you can try again.

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