Amy Winehouse is DEAD

When I heard that Amy Winehouse passed away, I was genuinely butt-hurt. Those who know me know that I’m naturally skeptical of white folks doing black art forms and dominating in them (I’m looking at you Adele), it’s bad enough that Elvis Presley took the shine away from Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry because of his whiteness, Eminem has been getting a pass for releasing variations of the same shitty album for the last ten years, once again because of his whiteness and the less said about Adele’s mainstream embrace, the better.

Besides Aesop Rock, Amy Winehouse is the only “white-person-doing-black-black-music-and-getting-recognition-solely-for-that” that I fux with genuinely. “Back to Black” is an Urban Music classic* and it’s sad that she had to die without blessing us with a follow up. May she RIP.

*Speaking of mainstream obsession with “whiteness”, Salaam Remy and Mark Ronson, black and white respectively, both contributed to “Back to Black”, guess who got all the credit for it.