Random Things on my mind: Vol……. meh, I lost count a year ago

    -I was at Venda for the third time in less than a year this weekend, I can’t explain why but I’m totally in love with the place. Which is weird since, I’m the only person I know who enjoys it there, Everybody else (including people who live there) seems to find the place dead. To me Venda will forever be the place that set off events that helped bring my life back to a state of equilibrium and it’ll always have a special place in my heart.
    -Speaking of my life being in a state of equilibrium, I find it hard to write about anything now that my mental health is in order (thanks to awkward silences during my therapy sessions and the SSRI’s I refused to take) I can’t seem to come up with any good things to write about, it seems as if the chaos and depression of the previous years were fueling my creativity and now that I don’t have a deep desire to hurt myself, my mind has gone blank and this totally sucks ass.
      -Last year, due to my now-cliche struggles with Depression I ended up losing almost 30% of my weight (Duh, #winning) in a shot space of time. There were times when I was having like one meal every other day and would eat fruit just to keep my blood sugar levels up. I had also taken up jogging, which accelerated my weight loss. My alcohol consumption increased, my liver couldn’t break-down any excess testosterone and as a result I had a bad acne infection on my face. I looked horrible.
This is how I looked like about seven months ago
    And then, because of the weight-loss and my face, rumours started circulating that I might be infected with the much hyped (my bad) HI Virus. Now my friend’s Grandmother passed away and it was her funeral this weekend in Venda (that’s why I went there), he hasn’t been there since December last year and 2011 hasn’t been a good year for him, he has lost a lot of weight and back home in Venda, rumours are being circulated that he might have caught the virus here in Johannesburg. I find it perplexing that folks still equate weight loss with HIV in this day and age.
    -For some odd reason, rap has been boring to me this year, besides Pharoah Monche and REKS’ album, every release has been underwhelming and as a result I ended up trying out music that I would normally not listen to. I gave The National’s ‘High Violet’ a try about a week and boy was I blown away. It’s one of the best things I’ve listened to in a while. I’m just pissed that none of white friends bothered to tip me about it when it was released a year ago.