Blah blah blah, Depression, blah blah blah. You’re probably tired of hearing about my depression, I know I am but my brush with the proverbial dark clouds forced me to do something I haven’t been able to do in a while……. live. I’m now in the process of eliminating things that are of no value in my live: people I thought were my peeps, alcohol dependency, my need for acceptance etc. Another thing I’ve been trying to eliminate from my life, even way before my breakdown, is facebook. Facebook brought out the worst in me, it turned me – from a shy recluse – into an attention seeking douche-lord. Although I am an open person, facebook somehow made me reveal things about myself that I wouldn’t normally reveal. I found myself posting the most insensitive, inappropriate and outlandish updates just to have more comments and when people who have my back tried to show me how my behaviour on facebook might negatively affect my reputation I became defensive, called the “too sensitive”. To cut a long story short. facebook turned me into a monster plus it’s designed to get you to spend as much time there as possible. The only logical thing was to permanently delete my account and that’s what I did. Now I have to wait 14 days for the process to be permanent. I’ll have to see if I’ll be strong enough to resist the temptation to check in on my friends.


4 thoughts on “Desocialize

  1. Bro,


    I also deleted my FB Account last year and came back to creating another one just within 6 months of having deleted it. My reasons were that I was addicted to it, and I was being approached by people for things that made me feel uncomfortable. So I deleted it.

    But now that I am back on it, I choose carefully who I become friends with and of course associate myself with. So well done and hope you find peace without FB.

    1. Thanks, I thought the transition was going to be hard but it was easier than I thought. Now my account is permanently deleted.

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