Jobless in Johannesburg VI: What are you doing here?

“What on earth are you doing here?”, that’s the question that keeps opening up over at the sweatshop*. A few weeks ago, the company’s CEO asked for everyone’s CV and when he found out that I graduated, he ran to my desk and called me to his office. At his office, we sat and talked about my non-existent goals, how I ended up in a minimun wage paying job at a small medical aid, the usual, then the he asked me that very same question, “What are you doing here?”, “Why are you wasting your time here, when you could be making a meaningful contribution to our country, this country needs Engineers, scientists, technologists”. Fast forward to now, our COO called me to his office for the very same reason, two days ago we sat in his office, spoke about my contract (Which is about to expire soon). He wanted to give me a permanent position but after seeing my CV, he’s having second thoughts. He prefers to hire Black Africans who have only a high school education, grooming them ’til they get a managerial position, I guess that is his way of giving back to the community. At any rate, He couldn’t justify using resources to train someone that could leave anytime. Which is understandable I guess. He then said that he would like for me to stay with them, ’cause the medical industry is an interesting industry to work for and how there’s are huge opportunities there but he’ll forward my CV to a few people that he knows. I’m not planning on being in the medical insurance industry so I’ll just have to wait and see if him forwarding my CV will lead to anything worthwhile.


One thought on “Jobless in Johannesburg VI: What are you doing here?

  1. That first conversation was nice. The second one, was complete bullshit. Hes going to have you come into his office just to tell you that he has the funds and the ability to give people good paying jobs/careers, but not you because youre overqualified? Fuck that!

    I sure the hell hopes dude realizes the effed up ish he said to you, and finds a way to retain you once your contract expires, or finds you another job. Thats the only thing that will bake his behavior worth it!


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