My grand-mother, from my mother’s side passed away a few hours ago. A heart attack, was what got her. She dies almost a year after his husband died. I had promised to visit her late last year while she was still grieving her husband’s death. I never kept my promised. Even though I know that death is certain, I foolishly thought that she would always be here, even though she was old. Like everybody else, I took her for ranted not acknowledging that death is so certain that, everybody I love will be dead someday but death is a liberator, freeing us from life’s struggles. I take solace in the fact that she is finally resting.


2 thoughts on “Death

  1. Im very sorry to hear about your grandmothers death. Its not surprising that she passed so soon after her husband. Ofttimes, folks who have been married a long time will do that. My grandmother died less than 2 years after her husband.

    I know theyre not humans, but I expect my two oldest cats to do the same. Theyve been together for 12 years. Thats like 85 human years, lol.


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