And the beat goes on

The thing about life is, it doesn’t really give a flying phuck about anyone, it is neither fair or unfair, with or without anyone’s consent, it goes on. Knowing this, I realize that, even though I might be going through some profound shit (real or imagined), there are still people depending on me. My bills, student loans etc, will not wait while I deal with my mental flaws. Some days are good, some are bad but I push through, trying to re-order a life that was spiraling out of control. I might not see any progress now but I’m confident that my hard-work will pay off. No doubt about it.


2 thoughts on “And the beat goes on

  1. I know it seems scary, but think about trying some medication. Like my doctor told me, “just give it 3 months, and if you dont like it, stop”. That was pretty good advice.


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