Orania is overrated

Deez Mofo’s iz crazy!

Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, when the Nats finally realized that Apartheid was no longer sustainable, they released Mandela, gave blacks the right to vote (for self-preservation and not from the goodness of their, as some have been led to believe) and whatnot. Some crazy white people, afraid of the ‘Swaart gevaar‘ packed their belongings and set up a shitty town called Orania. Residents of Orania want everybody to believe that the purpose of Orania is to preserve Afrikaner culture, but we all know that there’s no such thing as an onslaught against Afrikaner culture and that the only reason the 760 unfortunate people who reside there don’t want to be ruled by teh Blacks. I’ve read a couple of article on the ‘net praising Orania, calling it ridiculous things like “A model for good self-governance or somesuch”, even the world’s most accurate encyclopedia falls into the same trap in it’s article on Orania there’s even a part where they make a ridiculous claim such as this:

the purpose of Orania is to create a town where the preservation of Afrikanerdom’s cultural heritage is strictly observed and Afrikaner selfwerksaamheid (“self reliance”) is an actual practice, not just an idea. All jobs, from management to manual labour, are filled by Afrikaners only; non-Afrikaner workers are not permitted.

Well, I know a couple of people who work for Eskom-distribution, a few of them* had the opportunity of going to Orania, I asked them what their experiences were like and this are some of the things they experienced in Orania:

  • Even though the Previous chairman, Mr Potgieter, is quoted as saying Afrikaner self-reliance is not just an idea but a practice, my friends bought coke and bottled water at a store and the cashier and security guards were all *drum roll* black. “All jobs, from management to manual labour,” are NOT filled by only Afrikaners
  • The store that they bought the goodies (using Rands and not a punk-ass Ora) from was *drum roll* a Mur fuckin’ Spar supermarket, couldn’t they come up with a white supremacist version of Spar Supermaket, to make sure that the doesn’t make it’s way to black hands**?
  • My friends weren’t there to survey the farm that they were going to install power-lines at. Orania’s residents think they are too good to be ruled by black people, yet they are too quick to use South Africa’s electricity (and presumably, our water supply as well), since they believe that they’re racially superior, couldn’t they come up with their own means of generating and distributing electricity? why are they using black power (Pun always intended.

So in effect, Orania is nothing but a typical South African farm town, only difference being that all it’s population is crazy. Tales about “Self-Reliance” are just a figment of the residents’ overactive imagination.

You might be wondering why I chose to make a post about Orania, well, an interesting article by Uyo Salifu popped up in my inbox, the article is your usual “The world cup might finally bring SA to that much sought-after post-racial future” Roffle. Uyo centers his whole article around Orania, he goes on about how the the spirit of the world cup somehow managed to skip Orania (Duh!) and something about Orania’s imperviousness (Is that an actual word?) to Transformation in the post-apartheid South Africa. I find it baffling that he/she would predicate South Africa’s Race relation on a town of just over 750 resident. I especially loved his conclusion, I’ll highlight the part that I love the most,

The 2010 World Cup was more than an opportunity for South Africa to experience an economic boost. It served as a re-defining moment against the background that the country had experienced a myriad of political woes under the apartheid regime. While Government’s efforts at redressing old wounds had managed to maintain some degree of peace and stability in the country, the effects of apartheid on this nation still lingered at the start of the World Cup. There remained much room for improvement of the country’s race relations. Meanwhile, country-wide campaigns to present a united front between blacks and whites in South Africa successfully boosted the morale of the national soccer team and managed to create the ambience of unity for the world.

These efforts were however, insufficient to generate solidarity from the town of Orania. Although the race relations of 48 million South Africans should not be predicated on the actions of the 750 residents of that town, the impact of their actions on this fragile democracy should not be underestimated. For black South Africans, Orania’s imperviousness to change could imply a reluctance to forget the ills of the past and forge ahead towards reclaiming the possibility of a non-racial society.

Over and above Orania’s implication for the rest of South Africa, is the dissatisfaction of white South Africans with the ANC-led Government. This issue could remain a barrier to national unity, despite the World Cup’s uniting effect. An added impediment to racial healing is the deep-seated animosity between the races and the reluctance to abandon previously held prejudices. Unwillingness to change after the event on both sides could serve as the single biggest impediment to racial healing. It is an obstacle that may be overcome with the combined effort from Government to fundamentally address the wrongs, and the younger generation of South Africans to dispose of these hindrances to improve race relations.

You heard it here first white people, if you’re dissatisfied with the ANC-led government, Orania is the place to go. Roffle.

* In case you were wondering, my friends are BLACK.
** And no, I don’t actually think that money going into Spa Supermarket = Market going to black people.


9 thoughts on “Orania is overrated

  1. “Orania is nothing but a typical South African farm town, only difference being that all it’s population is crazy.”

    Difference? What difference?

    1. Ignorance is bliss my dear friend. You have no idea what goes on in Orania. You are misinformed and I can only say, you deserve the new south afria.

  2. The photo you used is not of Orania dumb ass and there is no Spar in Orania, there is an OK bazaar and all labour is performed by Afrikaners. You are spewing gibberish about a place you never visited nor know much about. You are confusing your left testicle with your right brain cell as is clear with the rest of your writing, in literary circles we call this paraplegic writing.

  3. Good Morning,

    I though that people in world are well informed and well educated. The above article prove me quite wrong. Shame on me.


  4. What an idiot.

    Some liberalist living in lala land who is so pissed off that the Afrikaner just doesn’t roll over and die, that he ACTUALLY spends the time to write a crappy, opinionated “article” based on SECOND HAND incorrect information! (Btw, I’ve been there 3 or 4 times. How many times have YOU been there?) You will NEVER be satisfied with the Afrikaners. If we employ blacks, we are oppressors. If we don’t, we are supremists. So why should we care what you think??

    Guess what. “Rolling over and dieing” is not exactly in the culture of the Afrikaner. Go look at our history: this is not the first time we lost everything and had to start from scratch again.

    Then you say something ridiculous such as ” the impact of their actions on this fragile democracy should not be underestimated.” Why would the person living in a township somewhere in Limpopo struggling to get service from the ANC, worry about 750 Afrikaners in the Karoo? And if the were true that the existance of Orania has such a “destablizing effect” on a country with 48 million people, then it only goes to PROVE the necesity of its existance: People who can carve out a future on their own, and who mostly lives in the BEST part of this country, would NOT be concern about 750 people living somewhere in the Karoo minding their own business.

    Let’s cut to the chase. Whether you’re black or white, you struggle with self acceptance issues.

    If you are white then you probably live onder the “terrible” burden of the Apartheid herritage. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of problems with the old regime, but to say we would’ve been better off under a black government during the hight of the Cold War, is simply ridiculous. There are 50-something examples just north of our boundry that proves otherwise. Point being, for you, the fact that some whites no longer carry the burden of guilt is a bridge too far. The fact that some are actually moving on, is over the top.

    If you are black, then you obviously suffer from feelings of inferiority, which is exposed by this community’s success. Guess what, the time when you can make white people jump and do whatever you like by simply using the magic word (No, not “please”, “racist”) are over. We are not stupid.

    What am I saying? People who loves the phrase “You are a racist” are actually saying “I am insecure”. I’m proud of being an Afrikaner, and I treat people as best I can. If some people have a problem with that, then bad luck for them. I don’t @#!$ care, because I am what I am and I don’t need everybody’s approval for that. Forget about Orania, and go get yourself a live. Freedom implies that people don’t have to act as if they are your clones, so stop meddling in other people’s lives, and go get one of your own!

  5. “Randon rants disguised as intelligent commentary”

    The only piece of truth in this article…

    And the most ironic part is it even contains a spelling error… so the rant started with the title of the blog…

    No wonder the ANC government is receiving so much public support in its attempt to shut the media up….

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