Random shit on my mind

  • Reminiscing about the time when optimism reigned supreme on nearly every aspect of my life, back when I was brave enough to have visions, dreams and a life plan. Comparing that version of me to the creature has taken over my body, I realized that the person that I thought I was might have died a while ago and I have no idea who this new person is.
  • I’ve discovered how amusing it is to let someone use, just to find out the type of person they really and the depth they’ll go to exploit you. There’s something about my personality that gives people the impression that they can get get whatever they want from me and regurgitate me when they’ve  gotten what they wanted. I allow people to get away with it because I’m in the process of reduces my circle of friends, call it my way filtering out the bad people.
  • There comes a time when you become “too old for this shit”, growing up being that smart-ass, weird kid, I realized early on how people are trained from an early age to pounce on individuality. I developed a wall around me, only letting a select few become close to me, around three years ago I decided to tear down that wall. Dumb mistake. Considering that each and everyone of us is an individual, I find it perplexing that people are so threatened by people who like to express their individuality. The wall is back up, people I find worthy of passing the wall, I’ll treat them like gold. Everybody else, I could give two fucks about them. Fuck ’em.
  • You might have figured this out already but, I’m not totally satisfied with where my life is at right now, it’s the complete opposite of where I want it to be. Instead of sitting on my ass waiting for change to happen, I’m going to take action. My life needs sorting out, I’ll be doing that.