The Andile Mngxitama stalkfest continues….

man-crush, Andile Mngxitama has a new article up at MG where he ethers Eusebius McKaisers for swimming in a radioactive pool of “Oppression olympics”. The two have been taking jabs at each other back and forth ever since Andile wrote that legendary “Black can’t be racist” piece, at any rate, here’s an excerpt of my man-crush’s article:

McKaiser is part of a new group of vocal black public intellectuals whose stock in trade is to deny racism as an experience unique to black people, perpetrated by and benefiting white-skinned people.

Following the African philosopher Lewis R Gordon, I call them professional black anti-black intellectuals. At their worst they excuse racism by recalling their happy childhoods under apartheid. In general they speak on behalf of the white, racist liberal section of society. They are sophisticated hired guns of post-1994 white racism.

McKaiser achieves his race denialism by using a straw-man argument and by neatly erasing the lived black experience from his “rational” logical abstractions. What I find deplorable and hypocritical is the disingenuousness of pushing ideology under the guise of “rationality”.

These two should get in the ring and settle this once and for all.

Check the rest of the article here.


4 thoughts on “The Andile Mngxitama stalkfest continues….

  1. Do you really agree with this guy that when black lesbians are raped by black men to “fix them”, it is caused by white supremacy?

    To me that is nuts.

    Sometimes I think Andile Mngxitama makes sense, but sometimes it seems he thinks that every issue black people have is because of white racism against them. As if black people are no more than reactors to white influence.

    I agree that apartheid did mess up family structures for black people and caused a huge amount of spin off harm in doing that.

    But I think this idea he seems to hold that *in every respect and every life situation* black people are only innocent victims of white oppression, is wak.

    Also, I think that whole “blacks can’t be racist” thing is ridiculous. I get his point about oppression. And it is true that in academic contexts you can define terms very narrowly for the purpose of being precise in what you are saying. But that is not appropriate to public audiences, where a particular term already has a publicly accepted meaning.

    I could chose to define “racist” as having six fingers on one or more on your hands. Then less that 0.5% of South African’s would not be “racist”, and we would have solved our “race” problem!

    Surely we all know that black people can be racist? Of course it is not remotely as big a problem for us as white racism. But we know that they can be. When you go to a government department for some reason and you get ignored forever because you are white. When people make assumptions about you because you are white. When people dislike you because you are white. Ag we know these things happen and when we say ‘racism’, that is what we mean.

    I also think he is wrong in calling local xenophobia afriphobia, because it is perpetrated against people from eastern backgrounds too (Weren’t some Pakistani people victims of the xenophobic violence?).

    But anyway, lol, sorry, this turned into a long comment. I do agree with your comment elsewhere – that at least this guy is not saying the same boring thing as every other SA commentator!!

    1. Do you really agree with this guy that when black lesbians are raped by black men to “fix them”, it is caused by white supremacy?

      To me that is nuts.

      ^^^ I agree with you, saying that violence and corrective rapes against Lesbians in the townships is ’caused by white supremacy is ridiculous and his assertion that dealing with white supremacy would automatically fix the rampant homophobia in the township is hard to believe.
      I think what he was trying to say is, incidences of black racism make no difference in grand scheme of things when we live in a society where blacks are still disadvantaged by the effect of white supremacy, but I could be wrong, he could just be a n00b.

      1. lol, you’re probably right. But I still have my suspicions that although very smart, he also has some (maybe small?) level of crazy/nuts!

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