Two random thoughts

– Ever been penalized for being good? Well, that’s what I feel is happening to me. I don’t want to complain about work the way I did when I was still picking cotton at the Plant(ation), so this will the first and the last time my part-time gig is mention on this here parts. I’m a fast worker, I usually finish tasks about two hours before knock-off time, this is the time where I do personal stuff i.e sending out my CV and shit. My boss’ cubicle is diagonal from mine and my boss’ boss’ office is right behind me, so he has a full view of everything I do and my boss’ boss’ boss likes to pop up unannounced just to check what the “little people” are doing. All these three mad hatters hold a stupid belief that if you’re done with your tasks for the day, you should help those who haven’t finished with theirs, “because we are all a team”, pfft. Now every time one of them catches me anything unrelated to what I’m paid to do, they get all anal on me. What’s the point of working fast if you’re going to get penalized with more work for it?

– Now that I don’t drink anymore, I decided to use the money that I would have used to buy booze, to purchase a book. This Saturday I bought had a choice of buying Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers or his new joint, what the dog saw, I ended up buying what the dog saw even though it costs twice as much. I regretted the decision when I got home and found out that I could have manually downloaded the .pdf’s for free at his website and saved myself R300. Epic fail.