Philip’s Panacea

Just a quick observation: A month ago it seemed as our society was about to implode, people were suddenly waking up from the dream that this nation miraculously  walked into a post-racial reality after 1994. The poor and destitute were suddenly organizing, resisting evictions, protesting against lack of service delivery, taking municipalities to court etc. Eugene Terre’blache’s ruthless murder, coupled with Julius Malema’s incessant singing of a protest song urging comrades to shoot the boer, raised fears that a race war might erupt, savage blacks would go on a rampage against all melanin-deficient members of the human species, which is sorta bullshit by the way, there’s no way in hell that blacks would revolts over a song a youth leader nobody takes seriously sings and white people weren’t about to kill all darkies because of a murder of a white supremacist that no sane person gave a flying fuck about. But I digress.

To some folks, it certainly seemed as though shit was about to pop off and who can blame? the media, and not just the tabloid mind you, were suddenly “Race crazy”. Then the Soccer world cup happened, and all of a sudden shit was all gravy. Suddenly, there is talks about how united the whole country is, how we came together to support Bafana, Ghana and how we were united in our irrational hatred of the Uruguayan National team. Maybe Invictus wasn’t  bullshit after all, Sprot has the power to heal the nation. Somebody needs to remind me to invite people to a game of Rugby or Soccer next time I fuck ’em over.