Jobless in Johannesburg V: Same window different visual

I must either have an admirable, never say die attitude or a detestable, sick desire for self-abuse ‘cause an average person would have just admitted defeat, closed the chapter and moved the fudge on but no, not me. Last year at around this time, I frantically applied for as many graduate development programmes as I could find, thinking back and looking at the numbers, that exercise proved to be one epic fail. Out of the numerous programmes I applied for only four replied and out of that four, Two rejected my application via e-mail (which was something I really appreciated BTW), One called me when I was taking a dump and had the audacity to conduct a telephonic interview there and then, the last one hurt me the most ‘cause after going through their rigorous pre-screening recruitment process and finally being selected to attend their final interview and assessment where I had to sacrifice submitting my final Design III project so I could be able to fly all the way to Port Elizabeth to attend the said interview, they didn’t even bother to tell me that I was selected as their graduate trainee for 2010 (bloody bastards!)

Here I am again, completing online applications, sending CV an academic transcript to the same suits who figuratively told me to go eat a fat d*** last year. I’m must really have a thing for rejection. My heart told me to say eff it, why bother with these goonheads anyway but my mind quickly reminded me that beggars can’t be choosers, even though I still have unjustified feelings of resentment towards these multinationals, I’m still unemployment and in this economic climate I better apply to as many companies as I can if I want to get a J-O-B anytime soon.