Looking back, thinking forward: 2010.5 in review

Half a year is gone, and the pessimist in me is tempted to think that this has been another shitty semi-year in my shitty life but it wasn’t. This year has been many things thus far, but shitty isn’t one of them. I’m struggling to find the right words to describe the last six months, mainly ‘cause I’m confused as to what kind of year it was. On the one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom unemployment gave, the freedom to wake up past midday and spend the rest of the day in my boxers drinking beer and channel surfing without any care in the world. On the other hand, being broke really sucked ass, there’s nothing more emasculating than asking your folks for pocket money at my age or having other men pay for your alcohol at clubs but since being broke is a temporary condition, I have nothing to complain about, I’m just thankful that I had a roof over my head and food in my tummy.

I’ve never was a “goal-oriented” person, I’ve always been the go with the flow type, from reading this blog, it’s clear that the flow didn’t lead me to where I want to be, so I drafted a year plan some time in the beginning of the year. I’m glad to say I’ve achieved, most of the goals I’ve set out for myself, which isn’t saying much seeing that I’ve set the bar so low that not achieving most of my goals would have been quite an embarrassment lol. At any rate, In the second half of 2010, I’ll be working the only goal that I failed to achieve, which is getting a job at an energy engineering or bulk material handling company. I’m working on revising my job hunting strategy since whatever it is I have been doing the last six months hasn’t been working the way the manual paints it, hopefully I’ll be starting my career somewhere exciting before the year concludes.

I have no high hopes for the second half of this year, no expectations, no wishes, nothing. I’m just going to sit back and see how everything turns out. It’s going to be busier than the first half, I’m a groomsman in two weddings and provided I save enough cash, I’m planning on taking a back-packing trip to a neighbouring country at the end of the year and there are a few interesting things that I’ll be watching unfold *evil smile*. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be keeping my anger and frustration in check the second half of this year, I have not been the most pleasant person to be around lately so I’ll be working in fixing a few of my personality glitches. Half a year is gone, here’s to enjoying the remaining half, whatever it has got in store for us.