The voice of (t)reason

I got cussed out last night on twitter when I reminded everyone that, even though Bafana won against France (which doesn’t mean anything considering that France was everybody’s bitch this tournament), they still lost in the grand scheme of things because, they now hold the dubious title of being the only host nation to crash out of the Soccer world cup. There’s something about patriotism that makes people see things that aren’t there, everybody was on some “well done Bafana” tip last night and it was disgusting, I found the whole thing a little condescending, like we didn’t believe that Bafana had what it takes to make it through to the next round, therefore we are happy that they didn’t get molested like Nigeria in the group stages. When exactly did we start celebrating mediocrity?

I personally believe that, had Bafana played like they did yesterday afternoon, we would have qualified at the top of our group. Unlike the rest of the twitterati, who got “well done bafana” to become a trending, I’m not proud of Bafana, they were pathetic, I wasn’t even impressed that they beat a team that was in total disarray. They embarrassed themselves and 48 million people who were behind them, I hope they pick their socks and make sure they perfom well in the next two African cup of nations and the next world cup in Brazil in 2014.