I went to a fan park and all I got was laryngitis

Friday was the opening match, South Africa was playing against Mexico and blah blah blah, I went to watch the match at a fan park and here are a few thoughts

  • People have ran out of things to steal: We arrived late at Elkah fan park in Soweto, there was nowhere to park, so my friend ended up parking his car three blocks away from the entrance. To cut a long story short, after the match, when we got back to his car, his mirror sockies were stolen. Who the fuck steals those hideous things? (No offense to those who have them)
  • Coca Cola and Castle larger are about to make a killing: Since it’s a fan park and only FIFA affiliated product are sold at the venue, that is, Castle larger for drinkers and Coca cola for the newly converted teetotalers such as myself. Beer is R15 per cup and Coke is R12 (?), with everybody in a spending mood ’cause their teams are playing, coke and SAB are about to make a killing.
  • Ghetto people, WTF?!?: I hate speaking ill of ghetto people ’cause, if I weren’t so uncool I’d be one of them seeing that I grew up and still in the ghetto, but damn, what the fudge was up with all those several teenage mothers that brought that infants to a motherfudging fan park, it’s winter and Jo’burg winter is harsh fan park is loud and even louder ’cause of the vuvuzelas, it is no place to bring a kid. Couldn’t these hoodrats just leave their kids with their grannies like they usually do?
  • I’ll never know how to blow a vuvuzela: The first time I tried blow a vuvuzela was during the telkom charity spectacular way back in ’04. I couldn’t do it then and I can’t do it now, my friend’s little brother tried to teach me how to on Friday and he gave p. I’m a lost cause.
  • Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it should be banned: Speaking of vuvuzelas, you might’ve heard that, once again, there’s a campaign to get the thing banned. I think that’s stupid, I’m not a big fan of the vuvuzela but i don’t think my not liking the thing should stop a person liking it from blowing it. Hell, I live in Soweto, nowadays you can hear the sound of the vuvuzela all the time, if I can withstand some soccer fan blowing a vuvuzela all night long while I’m trying to sleep all these other punks can at least tolerate it for ninety minutes! Bulleted List

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