Giving up the bottle

My relationship with alcohol has always been a little complicated. I drank my first bottle when I was twelve or thirteen I can’t quite remember, all I remember is that it was new year’s eve and all the adults having too much of a good time to notice my cousins and I stealing bottles of espirit spirit coolers from the refrigerator. It wasn’t until two to three years later when I was doing grade 10 that I got to the much sought after state of altered consciousness . My classmates and I smuggled cheap white to school, luckily for us, it was during the ’02 soccer world cup and all the teachers were locked in the staff room watching Brazil play. After then I went on a two and a half year long spell of self-destruction. Every Monday, I would Smuggle brandy to school and was drunk two to three days of the week. I became know as the class drunkard.

2005, after I blacked-out at a party thirty minutes away from home and woke up in my bed not knowing how I got there, I realized what a dangerous game I was playing. I reduced my alcohol consumption tremendously and made a resolve to learn to control my alcohol. Besides a handful of incidents I haven’t got to a point were I’m stone drunk, which is a tremendous achievement considering my drinking habits.

The Human body is a marvelous machine, it adepts to whatever crap with put it through. Because of my prolonged use of alcohol, I grew resistant of alcohol. I consumed amounts that could lead a normal body into shock but my mind, pulling tricks on me, made me believe that because I could still retain most of my motor functions, that I had my drinking under control. I hadn’t and I only realized that this weekend. Due to lack of finances and other factors, I haven’t had as much opportunity to get my drink on. The last I had an intoxicant was about six weeks ago, and I guess in the interim, my body went back to “normal-mode” and shed it’s remarkable ability to resist large volumes of alcohol.

As I’ve mentioned yesterday, the crew and I went to see Big Nuz live at some shady club. I consumed substantially less than the amount I usually do but since my body had gotten back to Normal, the alcohol hit me hard. I cannot recall most of the things that happened and the things that I do recall, I wish I could forget. I woke up the following afternoon feeling like, room smelling like something hideous died in there. An unpleasant sight of vomit on the floor catching my eye. I had ten missed calls, the text messages were all informing me of the things I got up to in my state of intoxication, all of them (including the calls I received thereafter) seemed to be bigging me up on my performance and none of them were scolding me for being drunk. I didn’t want to experience that again, my relationship with alcohol ended at that moment.

Giving up alcohol isn’t going to be the hard part, alcohol hasn’t been that appealing to me ever since the excitement of indulging in illegal activity (drinking underage) wore off, believe it or not. Plus, this year, with all of the shit that’s been going on, getting my drink on has been pushed to the back of my mind. I can honestly say that I’ve consumed the least amount of it this year than any other year since my first drunken experience back in ’02. The hard part would be staying alcohol free when everybody I know drinks, with all the weddings I’m supposed to be a groomsman to and all the bachelor parties planned, staying alcohol free is going to be a challenge but I’m confident I can do it. If I can manage to stay a year working for ass-wipes, with most of my sanity intact, then this can’t be that hard.

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  1. For me, giving up alcohol wasnt that difficult, as it wasnt a regular part of my lifestyle. And I think Id only been drinking for 15 years anyways, and had only been drunk 2 or 3 times.I applaud you on your effort to give up alcohol. Especially since you have a lot of social events to attend where drinking plays a big role. I think you can do it!One trick of mine for attending drinking functions: come early and leave early, lol. Then you miss out on all the drunken foolishness!! LLOL@change i can believe in

  2. Thanks and Congratulations on beating the bottle. I don't know if I'll be able to use your strategy though, i don't have a car and I'm usually at the mercy of the person driving, if they decide to leave late, I'll have to deal with all the drunken foolishness.

  3. One of my tricks for avoiding drinking too much is to always have a drink in my hand and drink it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly slowly. Because if you don't have a drink someone is always putting one in your hand. A drink that you are drinking at 1 sip per half hour is a handy facade!

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