Everything’s changed

What happens when the people you’ve grown to love change beyond recognition? Or when the things you used to enjoy together no longer appeal to you? Do you keep on spending time with them even though you their company but the activity doesn’t appeal to you? Do you reluctantly agree to go to the events they invite you to, even if you don’t want to, but you feel like you have to because they are the only group of people who understand you to a certain degree? That’s the type of questions I ask myself a lot lately.

The beer loving crew, they were there when my tamper proof titanium cranium imploded, leaving me with a tinge eccentricity. They were the few people that got me, I have love for them and I will always treasure the wonderful memories we have of the last half decade. We used to have a beautiful friendship, when did we descend into being just drinking buddies? I have trouble recalling any moment we just hung out, without it being used as an excuse to consume alcohol. I know one of you will probably read this and make a big deal out of it like they did with one of my facebook albums but just try to understand that I’m just thinking out loud in this here parts. There are things that happened recently that makes me question where my life is heading and partying up isn’t as appealing to me as it was back then and since that the only time that we spend time together is at some sort of a party, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep as much contact as I used to.


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