Jobless in Johannesburg IV: Part time hustle

The Good news is: I got a job about a week ago, The Bad news: It’s one of those clichéd gigs were a graduate has to take a minimum wage paying job just to pay his bar-tab bills and to get the guys from the National Student financial aid scheme to stay of his back.
It’s a very hectic part-time position at a health insurance company, I’m basically part of a conspiracy to get people to pay their health insurance every month and when they finally get sick, find ways not to pay their hospital bills.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this, I’m relieved that I will no longer be the guy who doesn’t contribute to the “poison bill” when me the crew goes out clubbing and I won’t have to ask my folks for pocket money as if I was an adolescent but on the other hand, I’m angry that things have gotten to a point where I have to get a job dealing with admin work. Another thing that made me feel bad is the fact that, out of the three possible candidates, I got the job even though the other two needed a break more than I do. We where on training the previous week, a guy who’s wife recently left him because he had been unemployed for more than a year and a woman, also in her thirties, who has two kids to support. I learned their data system quicker than the other two and as a results, I was selected for the part-time position. The thing that makes me feel bad is that I still have options, I’ll probably be out this bitch when an opportunity presents itself but those other two really needed the work, I don’t have anybody to support, they have and my student loan is the only financial obligation I have.

Unnecessary bad feelings aside, I’m still thankful that I have something to keep me busy during the day and some form of income.


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