The king of flu?

Not a title to be proud of but it’s true. I think I should consider adding my name to the Guinness book of records for having most bouts of influenza than anybody on the planet. The last three years, during the months between April and November, I’ve caught some sort of flu virus every three weeks. Back before my immunity became useless to a flu virus onslaught I didn’t blow my nose in public, I would only do the polite “wipe my nose quickly while nobody’s watching” thingy but now that I’m snort-nosed every other week, I blow my nose as loudly as I can when the need arises, and I feel no remorse about grossing people out whatsoever. 

I don’t mind getting sick at all, it’s one of those things that remind me that I’m human but this year, I was hoping that my immune system would stop slacking off. I was planning on finally losing the bulk of the thirty kilogram fat I’d accumulated these past few years, when I’m sick, I lose all my appetite but as soon as I get well again, I eat everything trans-fat laden food item in sight. Clearly that isn’t helping in my on going battle against my every expanding waistline.